4611 Overhead conductor rail CR4


L = 11,9 m
Other lengths available on request.
Cross-section of the rigid bar:
1343 mm2 copper equivalent.
For radii less than 100 m the rigid bar
must be mechanically pre-formed.
Greasing sleeve 4632
Protective grease 4633
Protected by patent

Associated parts
Conductor rail support 2613 o/w
Feeder clamp 3441
Section insulator 4261 o/w
Interlocking joint (pair) 4612 o/w
Conductor rail expansion joint 4622
Clip for earthing rod 6222 o/w
Protecting plastic 4614

Wt (kg/m) = 6,17

Drawing number
963.01535, .01536

Ordering information
4611 Overhead conductor rail CR4
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