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Article list by numbers

For finding a component by its number


Article list by alphabet

For finding a component by its name


Definition of the article

A component is defined by means of the 4 or 5 digit main article number and the following numbers for the specification of the type with serveral parameters.


Presentation of the article

The individual items are described by means of drawings which also show the dimensions. We have restricted ourselves to the essential connecting dimensions.



Components without any comment are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The other materials are quoted as follows:


Al                         aluminium

AlCuSn                aluminium bronze

AlMgSi                 hardened aluminium

Cu                        copper

CuNiSi                 cuprodur

CuSn                   bronze

ElCu                    electrolytic copper

FeCu                   copper steel

Fe glassed           glassed steel

Fe stainless         stainless steel

Fe blackplate       ungalvanized steel

Fe galvanized      galvanized steel

Pb                        lead

Zn                        zinc


Insulators with porcelain bodies do not have any material designation.


Example              Material:



Mast and section range

This is given where necessary. For masts we have kept to the designation HEB in accordance with Euronorm. The main dimensions of the also used DIL sections comply with this standard.


Example              Mast range:

                            Section HEB 180 – 240



If several types of one article are available: The appropriate dimensions are marked and repeated in the drawing. Depending on the structural component, m = metre and mm = millimetre were selected with respect to the size of the components.


Example              Type      L


                            50          5,0

                            55          5,5



In accordance with standard international practice, the values are quoted with FRd = rated value resistance (kN) and Fmin = calculated breaking load (kN). With regard to the current engineering standards, which demands different safety factors depending on the type of the overhead line system and the used materials. Ropes, contact wires and insulators in particular are quoted with Fmin.


Example             Resistance:

                           FRd (kN)= 2,5



In the case of larger components, weight details (kg) per item are shown.


Example              Weight:

                            Wt (kg) = 25



Here you will find notes on any unusual features, such as special sections, cross references to associated parts, technical details, etc.


Example              Note:

                            Clamp range 95 - 150 mm2



Components included within the scope of delivery.


Example              Fasteners:

                            Supplied complete with U-bolts


Associated parts

The associated parts are indicated to facilitate the listing of material needed.


Example              Associated parts:

                            Bracket for steady arm          5413


Ordering information

In order to make ordering easier for you, each article is provided with a sample order.


Example              Ordering information:

                            Length 7,0 m, on HEB 220

                            2113.70.22 Cantilever for 2 tracks



Onward. This marks that the numbers following may also be used.