2275 Support for termination beam for one weight guides

Pole range
Section HEB 180-260

Length L min. 3,00 m
Length L max. 5,00 m
Available in steps of de 0,5 m.
G = Track axis
F = Pulling direction
L = left
R = right
Counterweight rod 4322
Counterweight 4323 o/w

Termination beam
Profil UNP120-240

Supplied complete with U-bolts.

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Support for termination
beam, complete 523.00094
Lower cross arm 523.00193
Tube for weight guide 4374
Spacer 4375

Drawing number

Ordering information
for UNP 120, on HEB 240
L = 4,50 m, left
2275.12.24.45.L Support for
termination beam with one deviation
and two weight guides
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