2187 Insulated suspension for tube ø 70 mm, 3 kV

Insulation Synthetic material
Fittings Fe stainless

When ordering state tube diameter.
Standard diameters 70 mm
Other diamteters on request

Associated parts
Hinged rope clamp 5351
Contact wire swivel clip 5557
Steady arm tube
with eye end fitting 5523
Delta cable 5565 o/w
Feeder suspension clamp 5353

Supplied complete with U-Bolts.

valid for all types
F1Rd (kN) = 2
F2Rd (kN) = 4

Drawing number
353.00351 - .00351-7

Ordering information
On tube ø 70 mm, with contact wire swivel clip,
groove type
2187.70.4 Insulated suspension for tube 70
mm, 3 kV
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