Clamps, Dead end clamps, Automatic dead ends, Connectors

3411 Line tap 3412 C connector pressed 3412.1 Line tap for press connection 3413 Line tap for press connection for Aldrey 300 mm2 - Cu 95 mm2 3414 Press feed-in terminal 3421 Universal clamp 3422 Universal clamp, current carrying 3423 Universal clamp for Cu/Al ropes 3424 Retaining clamp for Cu ropes and wires 3425 Holding device for electric feeder ropes 3426 Rope guide simple 3427 Rope guide double 3431 Contact wire feeder clamp (T shape) 3432 Contact wire feeder clamp (arched connection) 3441 Conductor rail feeder clamp 3511 Cone terminal clamp body 3512 Cone type splice body 3513 Pair of cones 3521 Wedge clamp body with pin 3522 Wedge for wedge clamp 3534 Dead end clamp body for Al ropes 3535 Wedge clamp body for Aldrey 300 mm2 3536 Two pin link for press connection Aldrey 300 mm2, high-tensile 3541 Automatic dead end, clevis type, short 3542 Automatic dead end, clevis type, long 3543 Automatic dead end, eye type, short 3544 Automatic dead end, eye type, long 3545 Straining sleeve for Al ropes 3546 Straining sleeve for Aldrey ropes 3547 Dead end clevis type 3548 Dead end clevis type for steel ropes 3551 Automatic splice for Cu ropes 3552 Automatic splice for Al ropes 3553 Automatic splice for Aldrey ropes 3554 Pressed connectors for Aldrey 300 mm2, high-tensile 3555 Pressed connectors for Aldrey 300 mm2, strain-relieved 3556 Crimp connector for ropes Cu/ Copper-covered steel tensile strength 3557 Crimp connector for ropes Cu/copper-covered steel tensile strain-relieved 3561 Rope end clamp 3562 Rope clamp 3571 Thimble Fe 3572 Thimble Cu 3573 Crimp connector Fe long 3574 Crimp connector Fe short 3575 Crimp connector Cu long 3576 Crimp connector Cu short 3577 Rope protection sleeve for crimp connector